Hugues in his Sydney studio.

Hugues in his Sydney studio.

HUGUES SINEUX is a classically trained artist and muralist based in Sydney, Australia.

With over 25 years experience transforming hundreds of public and private spaces with painted murals, trompe l’oeil and frescoes in his native France, he moved to Australia in 2011 with his family, bringing his passion for painting and mural art along with him.

Hugues’ work is diverse in style, size and complexity, from single canvas commissions through to multi-mural projects for public spaces. He has worked with and for town municipalities, schools, churches, castles and heritage buildings as well as in private homes, restaurants and office environments. While the majority of Hugues time is now spent on public murals in Sydney and surrounding areas, he continues with private commissions including interior murals and painted canvasses.

Drawing enormous inspiration from the individual history, architecture and community surrounding each project, Hugues enjoys working collaboratively with his clients to ensure each work functions contextually within its space.

Hugues strives to create pieces that not only are visually striking but also have a deeper meaning for their communities. Whether it's taking inspiration from how the space is used each day or celebrating the history of the building or community, Hugues’ driving desire is to create works that leave a lasting impact on the lived experience of each space. 

With his classical training and an expert eye for colour, Hugues' subject matter is incredibly varied. The urban landscape works of Grace Cossington Smith, the avant-garde geometry designs of Sonia Delaunay, the compositional sense of Jeffrey Smart, the graphic playfulness of Roy Lichtenstein and the decorative flair and detail of French neoclassicism are all key influences. With his love of, and respect for, art history, Hugues enjoys incorporating and re-interpreting the works of 19th and 20th Century artists as well as digging up the historical details of individual buildings to uncover unusual or unlikely inspiration for all-new pieces.   

Hugues is a founder of the Atelier Sineux Frères, and a member of the Maison des Artistes. When he’s not in his studio or on-site working on his latest mural project, you might just run into Hugues on the streets of Sydney sketching the hustle and bustle of the city or visiting local galleries with his Australian wife and two teenage children.

You can follow Hugues on Instagram or Facebook to see all the latest news and works in progress.

A collection of European interiors and Australian landscapes on canvas are available through Marcia Moulton, Director of Moulton Galleries in Mosman, Sydney.

If you would like to see more of Hugues' international work, please visit his French website, Atelier Sineux Freres.

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