Artamon Public School, Sydney  2013  The Principal of Artarmon Public School commissioned a series of four murals within the school grounds. This colourful, circular piece pictured is situated in what was a dark, covered courtyard near the water fountains. The aim was obviously to brighten the space for the students, but it has had an added impact in providing a historical context for the school grounds as a whole. The inspiration was the work of French artist Sonia Delaunay who was one of the first avant garde female painters at the very dawn of the Art Deco movement. It seemed a fitting tribute to the school itself which was founded in 1928 - the same time as Delaunay’s dynamic work was in its heyday. (Photograph: Niki Hughes Photography)  The second piece featured here, 'the hopscotch mural', is a new take on one of Hugues' French murals, this time drawing heavily on both the palette and the energy evoked by the graphic abstract. The hopscotch piece breathes new and colourful life into our conception of a classic school yard game, and has proven to be hugely appealing to both children and adults alike.   
Hopscotch School courtyard Artarmon PS crop.jpg
Hopscotch detail_APS_2014.JPG
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