Paintings   In addition to his extensive and varied mural work, Hugues is an accomplished painter, working predominantly in oils and acrylics. His signature atmospheric European interiors and urban landscapes draw heavy inspiration from American Realism, a movement of the early 20th Century defined by its focus on everyday social realities, and often associated with American painter Edward Hopper. Hugues makes the style his own with his intense focus on dramatic lighting, and an occasional capricious flourish.  Recently, Hugues was awarded Second Prize in the Painting (Rural Subject and/or Landscape) Class at the 2015 Royal Arts & Crafts Show, for his landscape 'Sandy Hollow'.  A collection of European interiors and Australian landscapes on canvas are available through Marcia Moulton, Director of  Moulton Galleries  in Mosman, Sydney.
Northbridge Baths, Sydney - 2016
Mosman painting.jpg
Paddington terrace 122 x 92cm Acrylic on canvas.jpg
chaises rose closeup.jpg
JF Lefèvre.jpg
11. The Aussie tablecloth - 59 x 80cm - Huile sur carton.jpg
16. Umina - 42 x 50cm - Huile sur carton.jpg
19. La Galeria le matin - 54 x 48 cm - Aquarelle.jpg
23. Scotland Island coté salon - 46 x 55cm - Acrylique sur carton.jpg
30. 17 heures - 80 x 151cm - Huile sur toile.jpg
4. La Bansard au broc - 54 x 68 - Huile sur carton.jpg
JF Lefèvre.jpg
2016-04-13 10.04.10.jpg
2016-04-13 10.04.56.jpg
2016-04-13 10.05.21.jpg
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